Hi everyone,

Did you know that we are coordinating another Israel tour this coming September! Words were given to us that we were supposed to do more tours so here we are again! The last tour that we led was in February 2018 and, Wow! How the Lord anointed each person; it was as if the bus wheels did not touch the pavement or our feet did not touch the ground! The Lord showed up in a big way.

We not only visited the most coveted sites in Jerusalem, Caesarea, and the Galilee areas but also visited Tel Aviv, Samaria and the Gaza border in Sderot where we also ministered to various folks. We even stopped and prayed over the site where the new USA Embassy was moving to in Jerusalem. The move happened sooner than expected.

We fully expect the Lord to bless and anoint this upcoming tour as He did the last one. Please click here for information. The tour information is posted and you can register anytime. We are asking the Lord to send those whom He chooses. So, if you get a nod from Him to go don’t hesitate to register. He will make a way for your participation; we plan our ways but He directs our steps.

We invite you to an exclusive tour of Israel with us! We are contracting with our friends, Signature Tours, to provide a relaxed, family friendly, high quality, and less costly tour of the Holy Land. The Bible will come alive in your hearts and minds as you experience the culture and geography of Israel. You will walk where Jesus, Peter, and the apostle Paul walked! You will also see and experience sites which Scripture confirms that God’s promises are being fulfilled in modern times. Whenever we are in Israel, even if touring, we consider it a mission and encourage you to view it as such. God will lead us and use us as we explore the Holy Land together.

Whether you are a first timer to Israel or a veteran visitor, you will enjoy our unique relaxed, more controlled style of tour. For instance, if we want to start our mornings more leisurely, have more free time, stay to pray at a scheduled stop longer or shorter than scheduled, or stop for an unscheduled bathroom break, we can. We, as a group will pray together, share the Lord, and discuss how we are doing in order to make any necessary changes along the way. However, there will be a necessary amount of rigidness to make the tour successful.

Bart & Carolyn, IT IS TIME ISRAEL