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(A prophetic allegory by Bart Peacher – June 2017)

If one listens to America’s mainstream media and left-leaning political leadership these days, it would appear that President Donald Trump is heading for a political hanging. The pollsters noted that they ‘got it wrong’ in the pre-election when the polls showed that there was no way that he could win. Just suppose that they actually got it right but that God intervened and spoiled their accurate assessment?

Hasn’t God Himself miraculously placed Trump in the Presidential office (Dan 2:21)? Besides, the Scriptures indicate that this is not the first time that the Eternal One interfered with the affairs of men. Examples include when He ‘played’ with Pharaoh’s heart prior to the exodus and He put thoughts in Cyrus to let the Jews free from Babylonian captivity.

In Dan 4:28-33 Nebuchadnezzar was strolling about, immersed in arrogance, musing how he had built great Babylon when God intervened and made his future very bleak, that he would live like the beasts until he would come to know the fact that the ‘Most High rules in the kingdom of men’. (more…)