July 1, 2015

July 2015

While Carolyn was in Florida picking up grandchildren, I was in Israel to attend a pizza party, hosted by Ambassador Earl Cox, for the Holocaust survivors at our project location, the Holocaust Survivor Clubhouse in Sderot.

As usual, the Lord led me through all of my trials and concerns during the four short days of my trip. I have to tell you that trips to Israel are almost always met with internal spiritual battle as the enemy of our souls makes known that I am not welcomed! Satan welcomes no one in service of the Lord aiding Israel! Nevertheless, I put all my trust in the Lord, not in myself, or what I am trying to accomplish. Then He always comes through and causes those things to flee from me. Praise God the Father through His wonderful Name, Jesus, Yeshua the Messiah.

20150707_163714This time, as I approached a Customs agent in Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, I experienced an unusual blessing. Considering the very real threat of terrorism, these agents are very serious and hardly ever smile as they assess you for wanting to enter their land. In this case, the agent was amazed that my main purpose for this trip was to attend a pizza party in Sderot then head back home. No one, in this agent’s mind, comes from so far away to do something like this then leave for home in such a short time. When I told her that it was to bless Holocaust survivors, and that I always come to bless Israel, the agent could not restrain from producing the broadest smile then expeditiously shoved my passport back to me with the kindest heart felt greeting to have a great day and enjoy my stay! Wonders never cease in the Lord. When you bless, you will be blessed! (more…)