By Earl Cox

Not all ideologies are created equal.  In the past few weeks, since the terrorist group, ISIS, (The jihadist terror group Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) arose and initiated its murderous rampage across Iraq, the internet is furiously spewing out scene after scene, picture after picture, and headline after headline of the savage fruits of militant Islam.

The barbaric brutality and diabolical demonstrations of extremist Islam are quite sickening to the civilized world.  How much more must the sane inhabitants of the Middle East and North Africa endure?  Our sense of civility and the basic God-given value for human life is being continually raped by the uncivil actions of a ruthless few.  ISIS, who boasts a membership of a mere 10,000 militants, is now the richest and most powerful terrorist group in the world with well over $1.5 billion at their disposal.

As ISIS beheads its way to Baghdad and videos are posted online of “militants herding hundreds of boys and Iraqi soldiers down a highway to an unknown fate,” it is important to understand that they are walking out something much more than a political agenda and military objective.  They are following a fundamental ideology with its firm foundations in the Koran.  Sura Chapter 47 says, “When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield, strike off their heads until you have crushed them completely; then bind the prisoners tightly.”

If you can temporarily sanitize your brain from the shameless barrage of jihadist brutality, stop for a moment to think with a little common sense and perspective and try to consider the following question.  In the midst of all the murder, violence, civil war and oppressive malevolence that is raging throughout the Middle East, why is it that Israel is consistently vilified, blamed and made to look like the bad guy while all this unfolds around her? (more…)