June 7, 2014

Our Mission

by Bob Seymour

As the Middle East erupts into chaos, each day the scenario facing Israel appears to be more hopeless than the previous. Nearly every nation that has traditionally been her ally has either turned their back on her in deference to political correctness or has followed America’s example and undermined her security for what appears to be nefarious reasons.

Israel’s government is divided between those who are blind to the fact that there can be no negotiating with Islamists and those, who for the sake of survival, continue to compromise with them. Those who seek to co-exist with their enemies don’t seem to understand that because Israel is the home of the world’s three major religions violence in both the spiritual and natural realm is only a matter of time. The scriptures are clear that war is imminent but many, being spiritually blind, refuses to accept the truth.    (more…)