By Stewart Kaufman

Comment from Bart: This humorous commentary from a Jewish columnist and friend says it all with respect to the ageless world wide anti Jewish sentiment that basically says that ‘the Jews rule the major economic and political powers of the world’; a sentiment that Adolf Hitler used to help convert people against Jews.

Letter: What influence?

I read with interest the online article about Mohammed Idris, who made public comments alleging that the Charleston Jewish community controls the city of Charleston and Mayor John Tecklenburg.

I only wish that we Jews actually had more influence. For years our enemies have claimed that we “control” the banks, the media, the government, the world. On the possibility that it is true, I have sent letters to influential Jewish organizations, requesting that I be given control over some major institution. I have asked to be head of the World Bank, the United Nations and the National Football League.

I haven’t heard back yet.