By Bob Seymour

When trouble surrounds you it is always reassuring to know there are friends that will come to your aid and stand by your side and fight with you. But sometimes when you are despised by the powers that be you may have to stand alone. If you are …firmly rooted in the knowledge that your cause is noble and will affect generations to come you are somehow able to gather the strength and courage it takes to the stand.

Two thousand years ago a man had to summon that strength and courage to stand alone and suffer the scorn of the world. He was abandoned by his friends and left to face the enemy of his soul. The man was an Israeli Jew and though he was abandoned by all to face the enemy, he stood his ground. It looked to all who witnessed the event as though he had lost the fight. He died in front of the mob that accused, tried, condemned and killed him. They buried him alone and those who had loved him and had faith in him were devastated and gave up all hope. But that was not the end! While the remnant of friends had given up hope and were trying to figure out how to go on with life without their friend, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was working to bring about the most miraculous act of deliverance that had ever been seen. He rose from the grave and the ash heap of history was robbed of its victory.

There were many that wanted desperately to help him and fight for him, but the powers that were in control of the government and the judicial system were blind to the reality of what was transpiring through their actions. No one, including those who supported him, realized at the time that what was happening was actually a part of a plan that had been devised before time began.

There is a similar story unfolding in the world now. Israel is surrounded by the enemy of her soul and she is being abandoned by her friends. Those who had once said they would never leave her or forsake her are fleeing from her and leaving her to stand alone in what looks like certain destruction. Her leaders are asking for support from allies but are being rejected by all and are being forced to stand alone.

Both the United States and the European Union have sent billions of dollars to her enemies the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. She has been denied an audience with what until a few years ago had been her strongest ally in the world. The money that has been given to her enemies is, by any stretch of the imagination, blood money that will be used to fund their assault on her and the west. All those nations who have given support to the enemies of Israel are guilty of aiding and abetting the enemies of God and will be held to account by Him for their actions.

If we are at the time spoken of in Scripture when the world will unite in an effort to destroy Israel, those of us who love and support her must take courage and trust that there is more going on than what we can see with the natural eye. If we are indeed at that time in history, then Israel must stand alone and put her trust in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

I believe that it is time to intercede for Israel like never before. All of the powers of hell are being arrayed around the world to bring destruction to her and establish a New World Order. The nations involved all have their own agenda and are only unified to the degree that chaos will bring about the right opportunity for them to make their own move. Though each thinks they are using the other to be the ultimate victor, they are sadly mistaken! They are all being used by God to bring Israel to the place where she calls out to her God for deliverance.

So as we watch things unfold in the Middle East, pray first and foremost that Israel will be unified in her call to God for his protection and that He would be revealed through her as the one True God! Pray also that God will have mercy on those of us who live in the nations who have betrayed the people and the nation of Israel.

Always remember that when things look beyond hope, God is still at work to fulfill His purpose even in the blackness of despair. It was faithfulness that allowed the women who went to care for the body of a dead friend in his tomb to instead meet a risen savior.

I believe that the same faithfulness to Israel, even in the midst of what seems like complete failure, will allow us to see the fulfillment of the next great deliverance for His people and those who will continue to be faithful to her.

I pray that in His mercy He will see that there is a remnant of the faithful still in America and that SAVING AMERICA would be part of his divine plan for the end of the age.