by Bob Seymour

As the Middle East erupts into chaos, each day the scenario facing Israel appears to be more hopeless than the previous. Nearly every nation that has traditionally been her ally has either turned their back on her in deference to political correctness or has followed America’s example and undermined her security for what appears to be nefarious reasons.

Israel’s government is divided between those who are blind to the fact that there can be no negotiating with Islamists and those, who for the sake of survival, continue to compromise with them. Those who seek to co-exist with their enemies don’t seem to understand that because Israel is the home of the world’s three major religions violence in both the spiritual and natural realm is only a matter of time. The scriptures are clear that war is imminent but many, being spiritually blind, refuses to accept the truth.   

As both the spiritual and natural climate intensifies the Jewish religion and Christianity are coming together as never before. The Christian Church is experiencing a renaissance of a God ordained desire to understand their Jewish roots causing a real love for the chosen people of God by believers across the globe. It is obvious to those who are a part of this sovereign move of God that as the bond between Jews and Christians grows deeper the rage and ferocity of Islam against the Church and Jews grows more and more savage.

Israel has always been surrounded by those who have a deep-seated hatred for her but it has never been faced with the circumstances looming over her today. Not only is the world turning a blind eye to Iran’s nuclear weapons development but the new Islamic terror group known as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), who are so brutal that even Al Qaeda has denounced their actions, is gaining numbers and territory as they move into Syria and Jordan. The group is openly declaring that they are rebuilding the Caliphate and that they will soon move against Israel.

With all this “bad news”, and much more, the outlook for Israel’s security could not be more positive. The reality is that Israel will not be defeated by Iran’s nuclear weapons development or by ISIS’s vast army and Caliphate. Jesus said that when everything looked like the end was at hand to look up because He is about to bring redemption.

I believe we are about to see prophecy fulfilled more quickly than at any time in history. As spiritual battles continue to intensify and manifest in the natural realm so also will the bond between Jews and Christians. It cannot be long before we see the “Great Mystery” of the “One New Man” come to fruition and the ultimate return of the Messiah.

I titled this piece “Our Mission” as a message to Christians who believe as I do that Israel must and will return to being a people who put their trust in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. As one who takes scripture literally I believe the words Paul spoke to believers in Rome will play a role in Israel returning to faith in God.

Paul said that gentiles would provoke the Jew to jealousy because of our relationship to ‘their’ God, but that cannot happen if we are not involved with Jews personally.

While it is true that only a few believers can travel to Israel to develop relationships there is much that every believer can do. The most important thing is to obey the writer of the Psalms and pray for the peace of Jerusalem and to pray for Israel’s leaders to humble themselves and call on their Messiah. We can and should also find and financially support those who can travel there and already have ministry relationships developed.

The time to take action on behalf of Israel is now, so don’t put off the opportunity to advance the Kingdom for another day or wait for someone else to take action. As we invest our prayers and finances in Israel we will also see our heart for her grow in passion and it is often the passion in our heart that moves the hand of God. We are indeed living in exciting times and the return of the Messiah, Yeshua, is at hand. If we invest what the Lord has given us to help cause the Jew to say ‘Blessed are you who come in the name of our Messiah’ we will be assured that we will hear the words “Well done my good and faithful servant”.