Although we finished the restoration for our retired veterans/holocaust survivors clubhouse in Sderot, Israel, we continue to support them spiritually and financially. They are having their Victory Day celebration (celebrating the Allied victory over the Nazis in 1945) on May 9, 2021, at a restaurant in Southern Israel. This is the video that was shared with them at the event.



STATUS: Complete

Post 500 IT IS TIME ISRAEL large posters in Tel Aviv and 800 posters in Jerusalem


Sderot Holocaust Survivor’s Clubhouse Restoration Project


We continue to support the clubhouse members both spiritually in prayer and financially by financing some of their events.


IT IS TIME ISRAEL Logo Placards on Transit Buses in Israel

STATUS: Pending

We have contacted the appropriate people but have not entered into negotiations yet.

We can get it done together. Love never fails! See photos:

 The renovation will include at a minimum:

  1. Handicapped entrance
  2. Cast concrete work allowing for windows and doors installations
  3. Blowers installed for air conditioning
  4. New floor and wall tiles
  5. Dismantling old windows and doors posts and installing modern windows
  6. Permanent grates
  7. New toilets, basins, drains, water lines, etc. ensuring proper hygiene
  8. Rewiring the electrical system for adequate lighting and safety
  9. Painting for interior and exterior walls
  10. New kitchen cabinets and counter surfaces
  11. Landscaping, gardening, and fencing
  12. Estimated cost $129,000.00

Sderot is a southwestern Israeli city near the Gaza border. These elderly folks would be blessed to know that their lives matter. They are getting on in years but we still have time to help them find some comfort in their twilight years.

For all donations, your name(s) will be inscribed on a plaque to be hung on the wall of the Holocaust Survivors Club House in Sderot, Israel as a memorial to you for your blessing to Israel (and God’s promise to bless you back) through your generosity and fulfillment of God’s word in Genesis 12:3.’  “I will bless those who bless you, but I will curse anyone who curses you; and by you, all the families of the earth will be blessed.” We can get it done together. Love never fails!

G-d bless you. The ‘It Is Time Israel’ staff thanks you from our deepest hearts, ~ Bart