We want to connect you with some of our friends in Israel.

Hotel Gilgal in Tel Aviv:

Hotel Yehuda (Jerusalem) / Tel 02-6322702

Kibbutz Ginosar (Tiberias) / 04-6700320/

Best of Best Books

“Why Me?” by Jacob Damkani

“Your People Shall be My People” by Don Finto

“The Mystery of the Shemitah” by Jonathan Cahn

“For the Sake of the Fathers” by David Harwood

“The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread” by Richard Booker

Sea of Galilee Boat Tour
Daniel Carmel owner/operator/ Tel 054-6864247

*We highly recommend this as the best boat out there! The boat captain is a true musician and worship leader; this boat rocks! Your only disappointment may be that you did not schedule enough time on his boat!

Bless Israel by investing in Israel.

Buy stock in the Timothy Plan, a New York Stock Exchange-listed family of morally screened mutual funds, one of which is the Israel Common Values Fund (TPCIX). This fund is listed on the New York and Tel Aviv Stock Exchanges. The Israel Common Values Fund buys shares only in Israeli companies doing business in Israel. The Israel Common Values Fund allows those who support Israel to invest in Israel.


20140806_115844“I, Bart met a woman in Israel who is an assistant to Ambassador Earl Cox who does not use cosmetics as a rule, but tried some from this company and was astounded from the results. She now uses only cosmetics from this company. They have an excellent facial cream that gives years back in looks, hair removal cream, and head hair conditioner and shampoo that work a cut above the rest. They also have various other treatments”

  • Top of the line cosmetics from a company called Aroma – Dead Sea   (a company in Israel
  • Guests at the Israeli Embassy in the USA, Washington DC are given these products as gifts (they are top of the line for any cosmetic product made in Israel)
  • Attached pic of. From left to Right, the owner of the company, Naor Bar, Ambassador Earl Cox, Me (Bart Peacher)
  • Can order from the following addresses:

  To contact the company in Israel:

For the highest quality food and lodging in Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee, we highly recommend the Leonardo Plaza Hotel

For high-quality tours, we recommend Ayelet Tours Ltd. or call 800-237-1517. For the highest recommended tour guide, ask for Danny Dickstein (IGT) to guide your tour. But don’t cancel your tour if he is not available as all of the tour guides provided by Ayelet are of the highest quality.