We recently returned home from Israel. This trip had a three fold purpose; to attend a Board meeting in Tel Aviv, to attend a wedding south of Tel Aviv, and to drive south to Sderot to check on our Holocaust Survivor Club House Restoration project.

The board meeting was fruitful and the wedding was a lot of fun with generous amounts of great food! The Lord led an Israeli pastor to me at the wedding. He introduced himself and told me that he would be inviting us to come and minister at his Congregation in Sderot! Wow, how about that, we just so happened to be working a project in Sderot.

On the day prior to the wedding we were taken to a bar/restaurant north of Tel Aviv. They had the best hamburgers and chicken wings (best wings I’ve ever eaten anywhere) in Israel. One to three hour waiting in line to be seated but oh boy was it worth it! You can hardly find this kind of quality for these sorts of foods in the Land. As I was sitting there and observing the place loaded with college age kids, drinking beer and eating hamburgers with cheese (a no no), and some topped with bacon (a great no no) and, God help them, some were eating pork burgers! That was the greatest no no of all!
All of this made me wonder, who are these kids? They must be very disappointing to their Israeli parents and relatives. But, as my mind moved from the outward appearance into the spirit, I heard the Lord say “these are the ones ready to meet Messiah, they have no religion to overcome”. My heart leaped with joy and the dining became a wonderful experience. Praise the Lord!

20150907_105923One interesting note; while sitting on our hotel’s outside rooftop patio and watching a crew set up for a TV interview, we met an elder television star from the original TV series, Hawaii Five O. If you remember that show then you are old like me! His name is Ari Sorko-Ram and he is accredited with 17 shows including Chips, Police Story, and others.

Ari is Israeli and founded Maoz Israel Ministries with his wife, Shira. His Messianic ministry is for evangelism, training, translating, publishing, as well as economic and disaster relief.

With respect to our Holocaust Survivors Club House Restoration Project at the Gaza border in Sderot, we have now completed approximately $40K worth of restoration work. Everyone there were beside themselves with excitement including the Mayor!

The mayor of Sderot, Alon Davidi, arrived with a staffer along with several dozen Holocaust survivors. He expressed deepest thanks and translated between us and them. Those present with me were two of my board members, Fred Hoover and Bob Seymour, and my Israeli project manager Sara. *Please see our videos.

They are in immediate need for a new air conditioner at the clubhouse. Its hot in southern Israel and the old folks, although not complaining, could use some relief. If anyone would like to donate specifically for this AC unit, it can be purchased and installed for $2,935.

Since we have completed $40K worth of work, we only have $89K to go! If anyone out there wants to donate this remainder we won’t deny you!

Each trip to Sderot causes my heart to soften more as I meet with the elder folks. On this trip, after addressing the Mayor and the members, they told me that “now I am one of them”. I could not have been more honored as I fought back tears!

The Sderot project is great and worthy but I feel the Lord telling me that we must continue to ‘strike the ground’ (2 Kings 13:18-19) with our original message for Israel. This of course is incorporated in our logo (Ezekiel 28: 25-26). They must, as a nation, turn to and honor Him. Then He will settle them, deal with their enemies, and all will know that He is the Lord their God.

Thus we hope to get the Holocaust Survivor project closed so we can move on; namely getting our logo advertised on transit buses in Israel. You may recall that we already had 1,300 full sized logos posted in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. But we must continue with this basic task which is the fundamental function of our organization.

With the exception of a major dust storm that enveloped the whole country days before we departed Israel, and the cancellation of our homeward bound flights, this was a great trip! Actually, no matter what happens, we believe that Yeshua is in control so no worries.
We have included a couple of short comments with respect to current events and hope you are blessed by them.
1. The sand storm that we experienced with satellite imagery.
2. What if Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 are starting to happen?
3. What if Isaiah 19:19-25 are starting to happen?

Please browse our videos as these help bring our trip alive!

Deep thanks to all for your prayers and financial support for these worthy and honorable ventures. These are just a few Scriptures that reveal God’s heart for Israel.

Genesis 12:2-3
I will make of you a great nation, I will bless you, and I will make your name great; and you are to be a blessing.
I will bless those who bless you, but I will curse anyone who curses you; and by you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” CJB

Romans 15:27
For if the Gentiles have shared with the Jews in spiritual matters, then the Gentiles clearly have a duty to help the Jews in material matters. CJB

Luke 16:9
9 “Now what I say to you is this: use worldly wealth to make friends for yourselves, so that when it gives out, you may be welcomed into the eternal home. CJB

As always, please visit our website at: itistimeisrael.org and read at least our Mission Statement, History, and Project pages. Visit old photos and articles. Heck, visit all of our tabs!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support of Israel, Bart