Trump and the Haman Syndrome: A Prophetic Allegory

by Bart Peacher

If you listen to America’s mainstream media and left-leaning political leadership these days, it would appear that President Donald Trump is heading for a political hanging. The pollsters noted that they “got it wrong” in the pre-election when the polls showed that there was no way he could win. What if they actually got it right, but God intervened and spoiled their accurate assessment?

Hasn’t God miraculously placed Trump in the Presidential office (see Daniel 2:21)? The Scriptures indicate that this is not the first time the Eternal One has interfered with the affairs of men. Examples include when He “played” with Pharaoh’s heart prior to the exodus, and He put thoughts in Cyrus to free the Jews from Babylonian captivity.

In Daniel 4:28-33, Nebuchadnezzar strolled about, immersed in arrogance, musing how he had built the great Babylon. God intervened and made his future very bleak, saying that he would live like the beasts until he came to know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men.

The USA has spiraled down as her military, government, industry, educational institutions, businesses, and family homes have removed God. This has opened wide the way for politicians to become more corrupt, and immorality, lies, lawlessness, and insanity has taken the lead. But this is not this nation’s true calling. It has reached a point where the Most High must intervene to execute His plan.

Thus, in spite of the way things appear, the Lord did not place Trump in office to fail but to be His tool to make America great again. He will show the world again through the Trump Presidency that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men.

This prophetic allegory is revealed through the Book of Esther.

Names, which can be cross-referenced in the Cast of Characters Legend below, are in bold type in both the allegory and the outline.

The cast of Characters – Legend

King Ahasuerus or King – The American people
Queen Vashti – U.S. Constitution / Constitutional Government
Mordecai – Donald Trump
Haman – The corrupt press and corrupt political leadership
Esther – Holy Spirit supported U.S. Constitution / Constitutional Government openly honoring the True God again
Hegai the King’s eunuch – the Christian and Jewish Leaders of America
Jews – All Jews and Christians in America
Capital – Washington, DC

Trump and the Haman Syndrome—A Prophetic Allegory:

Haman, the true enemy of God and country, has deceived King Ahasuerus. The king has waited, consciously and unconsciously, for Queen Vashti to show up, but she will not. Therefore, the king desired to replace her with a better queen. Through a long, drawn-out process, Vashti was replaced by Queen Esther.

Presently the King is being awakened mainly by Hegai, the King’s eunuch. He has always served the King, wanting only the best. He also mentored Esther at her request.

Mordecai was a Jew and cousin to Esther, but this relationship was kept secret until the King promoted them to top positions. Esther had no living parents to raise her, so Mordecai parented her.

Mordecai, who often sat at the King’s gate, had previously saved the King’s life by exposing a plot to have him removed, but no big deal was made of it at the time, only recorded for file. He was well known for sitting at the King’s gate but extremely hated by Haman for doing it.

In time, the King will honor and promote Mordecai for exposing the earlier plot to remove him. Haman will reach extreme hatred for Mordecai and the Jews and trick the King into sending out a decree to have the Jews annihilated, and for gallows to be built to hang Mordecai on.

Esther will expose Haman and his plot, and the King will have Haman instead of Mordecai hung by those same gallows. The Jews will be saved from death and will kill those who came to kill them. Haman’s family of ten sons will be killed in the Capital, then Esther will have their bodies hung there as a sign of the end of the house of Haman. The King will continue to rule, Esther will remain queen, and Mordecai will be given authority over the house of Haman.

Esther and Mordecai will celebrate a new era (holiday), not imposed by God but by them. Jews will finally have rest from their enemies in all of the King’s provinces.

The King will impose a tribute to the greatness, power, and acts of Mordecai the Jew. Both Mordecai and the new era will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN, and both will be recorded in book of the chronicles (history).

End of Prophetic Allegory

Authors Comments:

God is raising Donald Trump (this has little to do with the man himself, rather God has chosen him for His own purposes) to eliminate corruption in Washington, DC, and for the USA to enter its end-time purpose with a Holy Spirit assisted Constitution. God-consciousness will again be the underlying factor in the nation’s government, institutions, and homes. Trump’s enemies are really the enemy of the nation and God’s plan for this nation. They have little care for a true God-inspired Constitutional government, or for anyone but themselves. With increasing envy and jealously, they grow only in hate and, like biblical Haman, are focused on one thing. Through evil plots, lies, and deception, their only goal is for Trump’s death by the gallows. These gallows are designed to choke him to death with lies and obsessive demands for investigations. The “real” investigations will not lead to Trump’s downfall but will boomerang on those who planned his demise. After this, Trump, like Mordecai, will emerge greater in stature. God will now have the nation in the position that He intended for His end-time purposes.

A friend and board member, Jim McLaughlin, told me that we should take words of prophecy and declare them into reality. My hope is that all who read this and believe will declare it to His glory.

Once the physical things are set in order (i.e. nations, boundaries etc.), the Lord will deliver the kingdom to the Father to fulfill His ultimate plan (see I Corinthians 15:24-28).

May God bless the USA in finding her rightful place.  Bart