By Rabbi Aryeh Spero

RabbiDespite the partnership between the terrorist organizations Hamas and Fatah (the new name for Arafat’s PLO), some Europeans nations are demanding that Israel immediately accede to Hamas/Fatah demands or they will proceed in the UN to declare a Palestinian State. The U.N. will impose on Israel conditions that will not only strip her of her capital, Jerusalem, but place Israelis in instant jeopardy from rockets launched against her from this newly-declared state abutting Israel.  Like Gaza before, this newest Arab Palestinian state will become a terrorist state and a proxy of Iran.


Knowing that Fatah and Hamas will get a better deal pushing for a Palestinian state unilaterally declared by the U.N. rather than sitting for serious negotiation with Israel, Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of Fatah and a well-known denier of the Holocaust, has deliberately made negotiations impossible and dangerous for Israel by setting pre-conditions that are suicidal to Israel, conditions to which no sane Israeli government concerned about survival can yield.


Thus, Israel has been placed in a no-win situation. If it agrees to Abbas’s negotiation demands it has to (1) relinquish historic Jerusalem, (2) uproot almost 500,000 of its citizens from neighborhoods the Arabs demand be Juderein (free of Jews) and Christians, (3) make itself unprotected against rockets that will be placed 10 feet from her borders,(4) release from jail  thousands of Muslim terrorists who will return the next day and kill Israeli men, women, and children, and (5) allow for an influx of over a million Muslims into Israel proper who will try to kill Israelis even as they walk down the street. They will transform Israel into a Muslim state, the 58th Muslim state.


Since Benjamin Netanyahu has done the responsible thing by saying “No” to these suicidal preconditions, Abbas and company have arranged with their European partners for the U.N to disregard Israel altogether in this whole matter and simply declare a Palestinian state, regardless of how it adversely harms Israel and jeopardizes world peace by emboldening the jihadists.


This is actually what most Europeans have long relished. In fact, they are helping Abbas and collaborators manufacture this doomsday scenario so they can do what they have always wanted: stick it to Israel and display their total allegiance to the Moslem narrative and project. Indeed, France, Sweden, Ireland, Spain and some others have already declared their intention of creating a Palestinian state out of territory that many believe belongs to Israel and everyone knows was never officially Arab.


The Europeans and all of the communist, Islamic, and authoritarian entities constituting the UN will eagerly declare

a Palestinian Arab state knowing that such a unilateral declaration frees the Arab/Muslims from having, first, to recognize Israel’s right to exist, or Israel as a Jewish state, and frees them from ever having to declare their intention to be peaceful, to co-exist and leave Israel and her people in peace. Nor will Fatah and the Muslim/Arabs have to announce they will no longer push for more territory or Israel’s destruction, once the contours of a new state are declared. Within a week after such a declaration, a new push will begin, under a new set of Muslim grievances, demanding more portions of Israel, until Israel is whittled down to the size of a soccer field.


That being the case, the declaration of a Palestinian Arab State will not solve the problem or end hostilities, but simply put the Arab nations in a better position, diplomatically and militarily, to shrink Israel. The Europeans know this. Truthfully, it has never been about the Palestinian Arabs as much as getting rid of Israel. In fact, Fatah’s own people, Hamas, and Abbas when speaking in Arabic to his local audience, all declare that negotiations and statehood are simply the first step in making all of Israel a Palestinian Arab state.


Since Israel’s creation, such has been the intent of Arabia and the Islamic ummah, replacing Israel with a Muslim state and driving the Jews into the sea. Nothing has changed, except, now as the Holocaust recedes from memory, the Europeans are more willing to embark on the delegitimization of Israel, under diplomatic pretenses.


The war against Israel by the Muslims and much of Europe is to a large degree rooted in centuries-old anti-Semitism that seems never to recede. In fact, Hitler’s greatest ally for plans to annihilate the Jews was the Moslem Brotherhood’s Grand Mufti.


Another factor working against Israel is the current and powerful left-wing push around the world for toppling outposts of Western civilization in the name of transnational multiculturalism, not to mention the diplomatic and social victories by Islam all over the world in forcing a supine West to appease Islam, catapulting Islamic causes as the new civil rights litmus test for “enlightened” Westerners.


Truth be told, it has little to do with territory and more to do with jihad. The Moslems have 100 times more land than tiny Israel, with unused and open spaces that could settle tens of millions of Muslims of that region. And the Arab states have the financial resources to settle their co-religionists within existing and undisputed Islamic territories. They don’t need more land.


Many have forgotten that the ruling British Empire and League of Nations carved an Arab/Palestinian state out of territory called Trans Jordan or East Palestine, now called Jordan; whereas West Palestine, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, was dedicated as Jewish Palestine, renamed Israel in 1948. Truthfully, most calling themselves Palestinians are not dispossessed people. They are, rather, Arabs from nearby Muslim countries who began migrating to Israel in the late 1800s when the Jewish Zionists came and began creating the first truly modern state in the entire region. It offered opportunity.


Unlike the Jewish Bible that mentions Jerusalem over 700 times, the Koran never mentions Jerusalem, not even once. Jerusalem is simply a location they conquered and has become, as with other places, a symbol of Islamic power and control over Judaism and Christianity. The push to drive out Israel is all part of the ongoing jihad. It is religious and ethnically motivated, and no forfeiture of land by Israel will quench the thirst of jihad, just as India’s forfeiture of so much of her territory did not stop the ongoing march by Islam against her territory, her citizens and against Hindus.


It is quite revealing that the world hardly cares about the dozens of genuine indigenous peoples across the globe being forced out of their centuries-old regions. The world is obsessed by the “Palestinian” issue, pouring in billions and billions every year, whereas giving only pennies, if at all, to truly victimized ethnic groups with nowhere to settle and no offers of peace. If Israel were not a Jewish state and was, instead, home to Zulus, no one, I suspect, would obsess much about the issue.


Last week, Secretary of State John Kerry met in Rome with Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to discuss the push by some Europeans to enforce on Israel and the world a Palestinian Arab state, the newest and latest Islamic state. Some have suggested that Obama and Kerry are behind the scenes, urging the Europeans to go ahead with their threats against Israel. This is a feasible conclusion in light of how the Obama administration, like the Europeans, has called for Israel to retreat to its 1967 borders, the very configuration from which the Arabs attacked her in 67, and in light of how it has denounced Israel from building apartments in her own capital, Jerusalem. Like the Europeans, Obama seems to want to divide Jerusalem into east and west, as was done with Berlin. No doubt, as has been the case throughout Obama’s six years, Netanyahu will soon be pressured by the Obama administration, in contrast to the positive feelings for her from the House and Senate.


There has been talk of how the Obama people have been orchestrating events to cast Netanyahu as the heavy, thereby urging Israelis to vote for his left-wing and socialist opponents in upcoming Israeli elections as a condition for the Obama administration to lay off Israel and stop fueling the European push. The Obama-ites, however, can’t be too obvious in their pressure or intercession for fear of voter backlash.


If Netanyahu were ever to cave, Israel would be on the road to suicide. If he doesn’t, Kerry and Obama may, later down the road, threaten going along with the Europeans and the UN.


To be sure, Kerry and Vice President Biden are not as antagonistic to Israel as are many in Europe. But as career politicians with an eye toward their place in history, they often fall victim to making bad deals just so they can later be written about as having “striven for peace” or having made a “peace” deal. To do this, they must engage in irresponsible wishful thinking and deny reality, all of the realities mentioned above. They place hope in treaties, any treaty, thinking that, miraculously, things will change once a treaty is forced and signed. They live in denial about the hard and soft jihad, just as do the Europeans regarding their own countries.


Mr. Obama is alarmingly different. At the very moment Obama is lifting sanctions against an evil empire like Iran, he is considering sanctions against Israel if Jews build apartments in their city of Jerusalem. His worldview is quite different than most Americans. He has refused to speak to the Iranians about their human rights atrocities against their own citizens, though he is lightning-quick to condemn the slightest infractions of American citizens… and Israelis. For no good reason, he lifted sanctions against Iran and is extending it more time, endless time, to build its bombs…until it becomes a fait accompli. The Islamic narrative and goals, from A thru Z, appear to be very close to his heart, certainly more than American, western, or Israeli ones.  For now, Mr. Obama will not go along with U.N. plans for automatic statehood — it’s too early in the matriculation process, but watch out: the Executive Order President doesn’t intend to give Israel much breathing space.



[This article was originally published in The American Thinker, December 2014. Please feel free to share it with others.]